Ballet is an art, paint your dream and follow it.

All are welcome to ballet classes at our studio.

Our classes are designed for you to experience the beauty of this dance, regardless of age or ability.

Olga Tkhruni leads these classes. Olga trained as a classical dancer in St Petersburg then was accepted into the Kirov/Marlinsky theatre. She has performed internationally, working with renowned directors and choreographers.

Olga has worked in London since 2001 and is a qualified teacher of the Royal Ballet.

Olga bases her classes on the Vaganova system as adapted for English ballet. She focuses her coaching on individual student requirements and welcomes all levels.

Our programme for kids includes ballet for Tiny Tots (2-4 years) and for children (5-10 years). Courses run on a 6 week term to coincide with school terms. Contact us for details.